Cattle Shipment to Ecuador Reopens Important Market

Originally printed in National Cattlemen, The Official Publication of NCBA:

In May, a shipment of cattle from Texas and Florida marked the reopening of the Ecuadorian market to live animal imports. Closed for more than a decade, the government of Ecuador recently brokered a deal for more than 150 head of cattle with Strickland Ranch and Exports Inc., of Myakka City, Fla. The shipment, which consisted of registered cattle representing seven different breeds will be added to herds which are in need of new genetics to revitalize their domestic beef and dairy industries.

“It’s a historic occasion and I’m proud that we had the opportunity to work with the government of Ecuador and the cattle producers here to put together this shipment of cattle,” said Renee Stickland, who owns and operates Strickland Ranch and Exports Inc., with her husband Jim Strickland. “These cattle were assembled from a number of first-class ranches in the United States and it’s an honor to have been selected for this project.”

The cattle, which were flown from Miami International Airport to Latacunga, Ecuador were subjected to a rigorous inspection process both in the United States and upon arrival in Ecuador where they will spend their first 30 days in a quarantine facility before being released to their new owners.

“These cattle represent a significant investment for the Ecuadorian government and the cattlemen who will eventually own them, so it’s important that they receive the very best care we can provide,” said Strickland. “We spent months planning for this shipment and we care for these animals like they are our own from the time we take possession of them until they are delivered to their new home.”

It’s that attention to detail and dedication to high-quality animal care standards that has made Strickland Ranch and Exports Inc., successful in the competitive world of livestock exports.

“I’m very proud of our track record when it comes to live animal shipments. We’ve never lost a single animal and that’s due in large part to the fact that we are with these animals every step of the way, ensuring they receive the care and handling they need to be successful for their new owners” said Strickland. “The opening of Ecuador to live animal shipments from the United States, represents an exciting opportunity and I’m optimistic that this is just the first shipment of many more to come.”